atmOs smart-home system

atmOs is a smart-home control system designed by Richard Lou and myself for Interaction Design Studio 2014 at the University of Sydney.

The idea for atmOs came from an initial interest in lighting and temperature, as well as the discovery of a field of research called Environmental Psychology. After conducting initial research to help get a better understanding of peoples relationship and behaviours in their home, we decided to focus the system around allowing users to control their home atmosphere.

From this research we also created a persona and scenarios to help better understand our users behaviours when designing the application.

One of the key design choices for the mobile app was presenting the devices in a way that mapped to how users thought about them, and this came from some feedback from participants in the initial research who complained about the confusion and difficulty of using light-switches within their home.

Looking at existing apps and services within the space, they all used an arbitrary system of switches and labels that didn’t address this problem.


Our solution was to present the smart-devices in a 3D display that would provide live feedback and reflect where the user was vieweing the room from. This could be accomplished through simple building tools users would be able to recreate their home and add devices.

For this, I called upon the help of Aleks Manou who created the 3D render used in the mock-ups and prototype.

For more watch the video below.

Core Tools:

Sketch 3, Invision, FramerJS, Silverback, Final Cut Pro X

My Tasks:

Research, Mobile concept, Wireframing, Persona & User Scenario creation, Hi-Fidelity Mobile Mock-ups, Mobile Interaction Prototyping, Usability Interviews & Testing, Documentation, Video editing.


I'm Shane, and I love to do work around the relationship between people and technology. I've mostly done user experience design and interaction design, with some creative coding and prototyping on the side, but am looking to get more heavily involved with creative coding, prototyping and motion design.