Good Game: Behind the Scenes

Tasked with a creating a video documentary in our first semester, Eddie Vercoe and I created a short behind-the-scenes documentary on the creation of a Good Game episode. All the way back in 2013.

A special thanks to the Good Game crew who were amazingly generous with their time and support, especially for a couple of uni students who didn't know the lens cap was still on!

We were mentioned in Kotaku, too ;)

Core Tools:

Canon 6D, Zoom H4N, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9

My Tasks:

Organising and Scheduling, Photographic Storyboarding, Videography, Interviews, Video Editing, Audio Editing.


I'm Shane, and I love to do work around the relationship between people and technology. I've mostly done user experience design and interaction design, with some creative coding and prototyping on the side, but am looking to get more heavily involved with creative coding, prototyping and motion design.